Apps That Google Play Turns Down: A Guide for Every Android App Development Company

In the event that I request that you name the must-go spot for each Android clients, barely, anyone would do a blunder by going astray from Google Play. The authority application store of Android is getting greater and greater as time passes. The quantity of application download went up from 1 billion in August 2010 to 65 billion in May 2016. Unquestionably, the achievement can be ascribed to the relentless exertion of each Android application advancement organization and their designers. Tentacle Locker Apk

Notwithstanding, approach to Google Play isn’t simple. Truth be told, it’s getting harder as time passes. Google requests greater obligation to qual

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ity from each Android portable application improvement organization. Here is a rundown of substance materials that are not acknowledged by Google in the submitted applications.

Physically Explicit Content

Organizations in Android improvement ought to abstain from building applications with content materials portraying sex acts or physically interesting postures, advancing physically unequivocal client created substance or substance exhibiting, depicting or empowering savagery or advertising sex toys.

Kid Endangerment

Google not simply turns down applications containing any sort of kid sexual maltreatment materials yet additionally practices lawful measures. Google Accounts of such application advancement organizations are likewise seized.


An Android application advancement organization should shun building applications containing or portraying any sort of needless savagery or other hazardous exercises, for example, application content portraying sensible brutality or rough dangers to any individual or creature, fear based oppressor gatherings or their assaults, vicious exercises, including bomb-or weapon-production or directions on the most proficient method to make bombs or suicides.

Tormenting and Harassment

Not the slightest bit, an Android application ought to work with or energize dangers, badgering, or harassing. Applications depending on client created content (UGC) ought to likewise receive right survey interaction to stop such computerized content. Posts, remarks, or photographs inside an application pointed toward bothering or mocking an individual are not dismissed.

Disdain Speech

Google Play loves harmony thus should engineers, all things considered, they are not the same as the remainder of the general public. They ought not form applications pushing provocative addresses against gatherings of individuals focusing on their starting point, religion, inability, sex, age, sexual direction, and so forth

Delicate occasions

Organizations attempting to exploit common or any sort of misfortune connected to an individual, gathering or society will discover Google Play unforgiving. Thus, Android application advancement organizations ought not burn through their time and assets on such applications.


Google Play isn’t the perfect spot for applications connected with betting, including on the web gambling clubs, sports wagering, lotteries, and so on Regardless of whether the application is diverting clients to an alternate site or application, it would be considered as an infringement against the Play Store conducts.

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