Law Book Review: Land Laws Under Single Shadow

Book’s Title: Lectures on Land Law

Creator: Dr. Mohammad Towhidul Islam

Distributer: Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)

First Published: June 2013

Cost appeared: 500 Taka

Pages: 546

There exists a typical discernment in our country that laws identifying with land are intricate and it is master task to comprehend and apply the law. Surely, the facts confirm that the strategy for land estimation framework requires master information. Additionally, units to quantify land are very impossible to miss and not general the nation over. Despite what is generally expected, as a result of high development of populace and shortage of land, land related debates are expanded step by step, which had about 80% of our absolute common prosecution. Tiemann Law Firm

Be that as it may, aside from these situations, there is additionally genuine shortage of a solitary scholarly book, which contains all parts of curren

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t land laws. Since the space of our territory law is immense and these topics are talk about exclusively in various books. At the point when I began my transporter at a college, I was doled out to lead classes ashore laws. I can recall those occasions when I felt independent on account of my inability to find a helpful sole book ashore laws. Therefore, I recommended a great deal of books to my understudies, which eventually fall them in a useless profound sea, where they just found generally canceled, dispersed, multifaceted and somewhat useless laws. I need to offer gratitude to Dr. M Towhidul Islam, who steps up and salvage the understudies from that endless marine by his new book named “Talks on Land Law”.

Our standard academic land law books normally contain history; the State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950; the Non-Agricultural and Tenancy Act, 1949; arrangements of pre-emption; alluvion-diluvion, procurement demand and some other part of land law exclusively while this book covers creation, move and annihilation of land rights in single cover. This talked about book presents changeless aspects of land law under a solitary shadow, which incorporates arrangements identifying with enlistment, easement, public interest recuperation, trust, rent, contract, move of immoveable property and other basic materials concerning genuine property; however decisively. Typically we examined these themes independently though worldwide understudies follow this example to concentrate land law everywhere on the earth.

This unmistakable book likewise talks about on practically all insoluble pieces of land law for example land organization, settlement of Khas land, Khatiyan, transformation, land charges and so on Writer primarily defines this book by his group addresses, which likewise reflects for the sake of his book. Thus, the book will be more available for the instructors and understudies to acknowledge diverse issues of land law in simple and class amicable way. All the more critically, Dr. Islam discharge them structure purchasing subject insightful books. Another explanation for complexity of land law is utilization of dark words and hazy dialects even in Bangla books though Towhidul Islam builds each sentence understandably. Presently understudies will get double profit by this single book; one is absolutely scholastic information and lay on is reasonable perspectives like question, which is more significant for a to-be legal advisor.

Talks on Land Law is incomparable in light of the fact that it makes scopes for additional conversation and I accept that the writer will actually want to emerge question in perusers’ brain and it will assist them with expanding their interest to uncover the immaculate corner of land the executives rather than hesitance and intricacy to land matters. What’s more, this Asso. Prof. of law additionally composes his book in a particularly clear way where his imminent perusers can discover a degree to think from specialists’ point of view.

First part of the referenced book manages significance of examining land laws and initial issues. In next parts (2-4) the essayist counts verifiable turn of events, proprietorship and land organization in Bangladesh. Section five of this book handles with securing of Zamindary framework and its effect. The following after parts (6-9) clarify occupancy rights, record of rights, move, union, blend and sub-division of land. At that point in section ten and eleven, Dr. Islam describes about enrollment and methodology of change. Accordingly, he writes about pre-emption, sub-letting, alluvion-diluvion, easement and remedy in section 12-15 separately. From that point onward, in section 16-18 the book outlines arrangements in regards to securing and order of land, deserted and vested properties. Afterward, Towhidul clarifies land charges, declaration cases and the executives and settlement of Khas lands in section 19-21. Finally, in part 22 this employee of DU expresses interaction of land changes that can help the local area to guarantee monetary and social equity by giving easy and equivalent admittance to land and land organization in Bangladesh.

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