NAFTA and the Management Consultant Dilemma

It is a typical scene, rehashed over and at the different U.S.- Canada line posts. A youthful Canadian leader moves toward an official of the United States Department of Homeland Security, and gives her a little heap of archives arranged for him by the HR Manager of his imminent business. 愛知県 経営コンサルテント 無料相談

“I’m here to apply for a TN visa,” proclaims the candidate.

“In what class?”

“Uh… The executives Consultant.”

The movement official looks at the records with a demeanor of dislike and advises the candidate to sit down. After thirty minutes the official calls the candidate into an office and subjects him to an overwhelming hour of

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“What is this?” requests the official, pushing a piece of letterhead in his face.

The candidate peers at the archive. “It’s a letter from the organization that needs to recruit me.”

“It’s excessively short and doesn’t depict an administration issue,” says the official, throwing to the side the letter and pulling out another record. “What about this?”

“That is my resume,” answers the candidate, his face becoming red.

“Uh, huh…” says the official. “Exactly the thing would you say you are attempting to pull here?”

“What do you mean?” asks the candidate.

“You’re no Management Consultant. You don’t have any administration experience.”


The outcome: Denial of the TN application. The explanation: Either the position or the candidate don’t fit the bill for the Management Consultant assignment. The results: Lost time, lost cash, loss of a possibly important worker, loss of a worthwhile open position, and embarrassment.

The Management Consultant Category – An Incorrectly Perceived Loophole

As a great many people associated with HR Management know, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has improved on the situation of certain Canadian experts into appeal occupations in the United States. However long the up-and-comer finds a way into the cutout proficient classes recorded in Appendix 1603.D.1 of the NAFTA, the intrigued organization can stay away from the more extended handling times and higher charges related with the H-1B visa.

The majority of the NAFTA classes need at any rate a four year certification. What’s more, as long as the applicant can demonstrate the person in question has the necessary schooling, endorsement of a TN visa is essentially guaranteed. For instance, a Canadian Engineer with a four year college education ought to experience no difficulty fitting the bill for a situation as an Engineer with a U.S. organization.

A couple of NAFTA classifications, notwithstanding, take into account the replacement of work insight instead of a four year certification. One of these is the Management Consultant classification, which permits “five years of involvement as an administration expert, or five years experience in a field of forte identified with the counseling arrangement” to fill in for a missing four year college education.

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