The Difference Between the DonJoy Armor and the New DonJoy Fullforce Ligament Knee Brace

DonJoy spearheaded the idea of utilitarian knee supporting more than 30 years prior. They have driven the movement of execution from that point forward by considering the body, paying attention to competitors, counseling doctors and pushing the envelope of development. Today, DonJoy supports are standard gear for rivals in more than 44 nations.

The ARMOR addresses DonJoy’s most grounded patient-prepared knee tendon support and is obviously appropriate for outrageous and phy

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sical games. The 1/8″ 6061 T6 airplane aluminum casing of the DonJoy Armor gives most extreme strength and soundness in high effect and high contact action.

Like any support, there are benefits and inconveniences to wearing the DonJoy Armor that ought to be evaluated when contrasting it and the new FULLFORCE knee support.

The benefit of the Armor obviously is the inflexible edge and dependability factor of the support. Numerous competitors with serious shakiness of the knee use the DonJoy Armor for the most outrageous games. The Armor is additionally utilized as a defensive support and precaution support, when the competitor requires greatest strength and unbending nature.

The cost to pay for this unbending nature and backing is a heavier and thicker edge that may not be appropriate for specific games like tennis, golf and running. The support will likewise tend to descend with delayed use. The option of the FourcePoint Hinge adds extra mass and a more prominent support.

The New FULLFORCE configuration joins the two clinically-demonstrated DonJoy advancements in one splendidly performing support. The 4-Points-of-Leverage System gives tendon dependability and fundamentally lessens ACL strain. DonJoy’s updated FourcePoint pivot hoses knee joint augmentation, which builds flexion points and lessens front shear powers on the tibia.

The outcome – less strain on the ACL and a significant lessening in the opportunity of injury. Together, these two innovations amount to ironclad certainty.

Made for all action levels, FULLFORCE’s smooth, low profile and uncommonly light weight have made it the go-to pre-assembled prepare for serious and sporting competitors, everything being equal.

An Anti-Migration band on the FULLFORCE secures on the upper calf to forestall slippage. The diving Thigh Cuff for internal thigh leeway is ideal for reciprocal support use. The FULLFORCE is basically the donjoy 4-Titude with the new LoPro FourcePointâ„¢ pivots, that don’t stand out as much as the conventional FourcePoint pivots. Like the Armor Extreme, it is accessible in a short calf rendition for ski boot leeway.

In the event that your game or knee condition needs the most inflexible help for greatest solidness, the DonJoy Armor Extreme is as yet the benchmark knee support.

In the event that you are searching for a lower profile and lighter weight support, the New FULLFOURCE ought to be of more thought. Not as inflexible as the Armor, the FULLFORCE actually offers significant help for most knee conditions, including leg tendon, menisucs and insurance tendon hazards. The FULLFOURCE is more agreeable to wear, and forms better around the thigh and calf. The FourcePoint pivot is shown for upper leg tendon shakiness, particularly in tedious kicking sports like combative techniques and soccer.

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