White Duct Tape – Upgrade Your Ordinary Household Repairs

Its history goes back to World War II, where it was developed to quickly and easily repair military equipment like guns, airplanes, and vehicles. Its strength, flexibility and water resistance was perfected to give it superior performance in these military applications. It’s since become a stereotype that this type of tape will fix anything, with an entire set of books dedicated to its uses and varieties. Internet searches will reveal craft ideas and tutorials to create things like duct strip wallets and articles of clothing. Results will also show some common uses including weather-stripping around doors and glass, fixing hoses, and even removing warts. NASA includes it on their space missions, and it played an integral role in emergency repairs on Apollo 13 in 1970, saving the lives of the astronauts aboard. White tape is an excellent choice when temporarily repairing things like white fiberglass, PVC pipe, projection screens, or anything with a white surface. White is also perfect for marking lines or boundaries on a stage or gymnasium floor. Keep a white roll around for situations that need a more professional looking solution than ordinary gray. Handyman Watford

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Duct tape, or duck tape, is a popular choice for repairs or uses that call for a flexible tape that’s very sticky, and very strong. The most common color available is gray, which is a neutral color that allows it to be a multipurpose tape that can be used in many situations. White duct tape is also available to give a more professional look, or blend in with white surfaces. Duct tape is a pressure sensitive tape with a rubber based adhesive and backed with cloth or scrim materials. Its’ adhesive is not designed to be cleanly removed, which is one of the characteristics that sets it apart from gaffer’s tape. Despite its name, it is not recommended for restoring or sealing air ducts. A specialized tape with long-lasting adhesive and a foil backing is usually required by building codes. Common duct tape is not safety certified and becomes brittle and the adhesive has failed during safety testing.

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